Craig McMorris

Pro Since 2013
26 Age CAN


To have one world-class snowboarder from the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada is pretty rare – but two? As the elder statesman of the McMorris brothers, Craig McMorris is a veteran of the Canadian snowboard scene, first stepping on a board at the age of 11.

Like any true older brother, Craig has been a mentor to his younger sibling over the years, teaching Mark a few tricks along the way – and how to have fun and keep a positive attitude while doing his thing. Craig McMorris ‘sends it’ at all times, with a personality as big as the tricks he stomps. Whenever he's around, you know you're in for a good time!

Beyond the antics, on the hill Craig is all business. As one of Canada’s top competitive slopestyle snowboarders, he quickly earned himself a spot on the Canadian National Snowboard Team in 2012.

Continually pushing himself both in the park and backcountry – and in front of the TV camera – expect to see quite a bit coming from one of snowboarding’s most eclectic personalities.



  • Filming for Shredbots and The Manboys



 Oakley, Red Bull, AWSM, The Source


 Surfing, Skating, Golfing

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